and production of elevator parts.

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We have the self-management import and export rights
attained ISO9001, 2008 management system certification

Complete range
It sells nearly a million kinds of product display types,100%Meet your various product display needs
Rich brand
Has many well-known domestic elevator companies and well-known accessories sales centerEstablished long-term and stable cooperation
Tens of millions of stocks,24-hour supply, orders can be shipped,Let you enjoy fast, all-weather Everbright service
Excellent quality
company has its own import and export rights and has passedThe ISO9001 and 2008 certified products have also passed the accreditation of the National Elevator Supervision and Inspection Center.
discount price
Brand elevator domestic agent,First-hand prices without transfer, bring you absolute value discount prices
24-hour service hotline:86-0570-4013168 4888556
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Everbright elevator price is very favorable

Everbright elevator price is very favorable

The brand belongs to the domestic level agent of the elevator and the price of the first hand does not transfer. Therefore, the price is very favorable. And the stock is also more than enough inventory, 24-hour stock, orders can be shipped, the service is very good, very fast.

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Jiangshan Everbright Elevator, the most trusted partner

Jiangshan Everbright Elevator, the most trusted partner

For many years of cooperation with Everbright, we have always maintained a very harmonious cooperative relationship. Everbright's service is very good. Feedback from all parties is very timely. This is where I fancy, and the biggest feature of Everbright is that the accessories are full, basically I Rarely need to go to other places to buy accessories.

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Jiangshan guangda Elevator Technology Co., Ltd.

Jiangshan Guangda Elevator Technology Co.,LTD.(formerly known as Jiangshan Guangda Elevator parts)is a manufacturer…

National Wholesale Hotline:
86-0570-4013168 4888556
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